Cataracts can be removed at any age. You no longer have to wait until the Cataract "ripens" or until you lose your sight before surgery can be performed. In fact, the placement of an intraocular lens (IOL) implant to restore vision is best done in an eye when the Cataract interferes with your daily activities or causes a decrease in vision.


The primary Laser Vision correction procedure we perform is called LASIK, which stands for Laser In-situ Keratomileusis. LASIK is the most comfortable procedure for the patient, and requires the greatest skills from the surgeon.

Pediatric Services

For children, good vision is extremely important because it is so intrinsically involved with learning and development. Regular eye examinations are important to maintain proper eye health, even if your child does not yet speak and since some serious eye disorders produce no early warning symptoms.

The eye is the most important sensory organ of the body. It is the window to the world. It plays an impotent role in acquiring knowledge and invention of new advancements. Thanks to the new and latest technologies like micro incision, high precision cataract surgeries, laser and ultra sound waves converted to the mere conventional  [ Read More ]

While trying our best to cater you with all the possible and best treatments and cures we are open for your valuable suggestions and feedbacks. Please feel free to provide us your feedback.

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While trying our best to cater you with ...

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The eye is the most important sensory organ ...

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