Ways to Protect Your Eyes from Severe Heat Waves

May 24, 2022

Eye Care

Ways to Protect Your Eyes from Severe Heat Waves

Eyes protection is essential as it helps you navigate and see your day-to-day life. If not taken proper care of, your vision may become opaque and cloudy. Extra care is required if you step out in high temperatures, as scorching heatwaves can damage your vision. Summer weather often triggers eye diseases. Many studies have mentioned that eye disease can hamper individuals’ lifestyles. Therefore, healthy lifestyle devotion is encouraged in order to prevent eye-related disease. Here are some tips that can protect your eyes during the summer heat.

Several Tips to Follow for Eye Protection

  • Cover Your Eyes with Sunglasses:

Sunglasses provide effortless care to our eyes and protects our eyes from UV rays as the sunglasses have UV protection embedded in the lens. They block solar radiation and relax our eyes even at high temperatures. You can also opt for oversized sunglasses to protect your eye surroundings.

  •  Keep your body hydrated:

The massive rise in temperature increases our body’s demand for water. A good amount of fluids provides a shower to our inner body and energizes us throughout the day. Drinking enough water is also important as it helps the heart pump blood through the blood vessels to the muscles more easily.

  •  Use eye drops to keep your eyes lubricated:

Consult an ophthalmologist for an eye drop to prevent dryness and itchiness due to UV rays. Summer heatwaves can cause eye dryness and irritation, often resulting in pain and swelling. To get rid of these conditions, it is prescribed to use lubricating eye drops.

  • Be mindful while applying sunscreen on your face:

Sunscreen protects your face and blocks the sun damage, but while applying, you need to be cautious that it doesn’t enter your eyes. Sunscreen has a higher SPF value, which may affect your eyes. Although it doesn’t cause any permanent damage to your eyes, the discomfort may remain for a few days.

  • Avoid midday sun:

Avoid stepping out in the later hours of morning or afternoon unless it is necessary. This is the time when the shiny sun comes out, and the level of UV rays is at its peak. Protecting your eyes can be difficult at this time with the dangerous UV rays. Staying inside can help you minimize the effects.

  • Avoid outdoor activities without eye protection:

You can bring profound change by adopting simple practices in your day-to-day life by wearing eye protection while performing any outdoor task like swimming, gardening, doing woodwork outside, etc. Ensure that you wear sunglasses, helmets, or face shields to protect your eyes from damage.

To keep yourself away from summer eye issues, you need to take the initiative to eye care. If you are facing any difficulties related to the eye, be it a routine check-up or severe vision-related problems, give us a chance to assist you in the best way possible by providing customized service for all your eye-related issues. Schedule an appointment with our expert ophthalmologists at Dr. Akbar Eye Hospital, and we will assist you in achieving the best eye health.

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Ways to Protect Your Eyes from Severe Heat Waves
Ways to Protect Your Eyes from Severe Heat Waves
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