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Retinal Disease: See the Best So You Can See Your Best

As we age, the chances increase of our eyes developing complicated retinal problems. It is important to stay aware of early symptoms as they relate to the retina. The thin inner lining at the back of the eye, the retina, contains millions of light-sensitive cells and nerve tissue that are largely responsible for your ability to see. Anything affecting this area can harm your vision.

Our Retina Specialty Group are leaders in clinical care, research and education. We have trained many of the ophthalmologists in this region – the next generation of eye doctors. Our group of retinal specialists diagnose and treat various different retinal diseases and conditions, many of which share common symptoms and require complex treatments. The goal is always to stop or slow the disease and preserve, improve or restore vision.

Our approach includes a multi-specialty and integrated subspecialty team model for complex cases, so patients get the best collective opinion of our on-staff specialists. Additionally, the research division of Sabates Eye Centers is actively enrolled in clinical trials involving retinal diseases that are available for qualified patients.


Signs that can indicate a retinal tear include seeing flashes and floaters. These signs can be alerting you to a potential detachment. Prompt evaluation by an ophthalmologist may find the retinal tear before it causes a retinal detachment. Laser surgery can often prevent the retina from detaching, helping patients avoid a more serious procedure.

With an actual retinal detachment, in addition to floaters and flashing light, patients often experience a progressively enlarging curtain or dark shadow in one eye. The curtain usually starts in the peripheral vision and eventually may spread to the central vision. The severity of symptoms correlate to the extent of the detachment. Quick evaluation and treatment are crucial to repair and prevent further damage.


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